Nikis Restaurant, Hersonissos, Heraklion – best Greek Cuisine in Hersonissos

Welcome to Nikis Restaurant Hersonissos
The Niki’s serves daily and prepares dishes from Greek, Cretan and Mediterranean cuisine, cared for with love and passion.
Our restaurant has been operating for 50 years.
Located on the beach where you can enjoy your meal watching the sea and the beautiful bay of Hersonissos.
On Niki’s will be amazed by the space, the spectacular views and the amazing service from the staff of the restaurant.

Greek Cuisine in Hersonissos

Greek dishes are quite easy to prepare. And, perhaps, none of them can do without the addition of olive oil, “liquid gold”, as it was called in ancient times.
Olives in Greece – it’s like kari in India, raw fish in Japan, Chile in Chile is the basis of everything. Olive trees are unusual, the winners of ancient competitions wore wreaths from their leaves in a sign of victory. Their age sometimes amounts to 1000 years, and very few people know that they like sunflowers like to substitute themselves for the affectionate sun rays.
The Greek cuisine had time to brew well, like a seasoned expensive wine. By the way, such philosophical direction as epicureanism, which placed satisfaction of its needs at the head of everything, was born here.

Features of Greek cuisine

The main feature of the Greek cuisine is the preparation of dishes only from fresh products. In addition, ready-made food is seasoned with love and local temperament. In the end, it turns out something refined, filled with aromas and sensuality.
Niki's restaurant in Hersonissos

For the Greek cuisine is characterized by the use of food in large quantities of herbs and spices. Much more often than in other Mediterranean countries, the Greeks add mint, oregano, garlic, dill, onions and bay leaves. Spices, dill seeds, basil, cinnamon and cloves are popular among spices and spices.

The peculiarity of Greek cuisine lies in the fact that the Greeks put very little salt in their food. An alternative is a lemon. It is added to soups, sauces, served with fish, meat, vegetables and dessert. Unlike salt, lemon is more useful, it emphasizes the taste of the dish, making it more pronounced.

Another feature is the widespread consumption of Greek yogurt. This is a special kind of yogurt, which is characterized by high fat content and a dense, homogeneous consistency, similar to sour cream. It is usually added to stewed vegetables, or prepared as a cold snack. It is used in the preparation of desserts and sauces.